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Videos bring our nextsensing concepts to life.

We offer a series of videos to explain

all the key concepts of nextsensing.

You may access all videos here.

The Story of Next (The Four Nextabilities) 

In only a few min­utes, Joseph Pistrui (@nextsensing) intro­duces the crit­i­cal skills that are required of 21C lead­ers. This video is a com­pan­ion to the e‑book, The Sto­ry of Next (is a human sto­ry). [Down­load relat­ed PDF]

Nextbrief on The Future of Television

This short video reports on the major find­ings of a 2014 study con­duct­ed by The Nextsens­ing Project, look­ing into the “Future of Tele­vi­sion”. [Down­load relat­ed PDF]

Do we need a new way of thinking?

In this short video, Joseph Pistrui (@nextsensing) talks about how it is essen­tial for com­pa­nies to take into con­sid­er­a­tion client needs that may arise in the future through a process called “Nextsens­ing”.

The Nextsensing Initiative

In this short video, Joseph Pistrui (@nextsensing) talks about “get­ting to next” — the crit­i­cal need to cre­ate excit­ing and promis­ing futures for organ­i­sa­tions. [Down­load relat­ed PDF]

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