From the beginning of the Nextsensing Project, I planned to invite a select and diverse corps of leading-edge thinkers to become NextSensors.

“NextSensors”, of course, is a neologism designed to describe the special individuals who will soon be deepening and enriching what our project can do for the benefit of others. Now that we have completed the initial building blocks to amplify the project, I am delighted to name today the first 16 NextSensors.

Each of these individuals has committed to work individually and collectively to improve the way leaders think about the future and to help them and their organisations develop foresensing abilities regarding emerging opportunities and potential strategic initiatives.

Specifically, our project mission is to help develop insights into one of the most daunting challenges today — how to think in new ways about the present in order to better understand the future.

Soon, you will see contributions from our NextSensors — from news headlines I might have missed to special surveys we construct, from mini-case studies to guest blogs and stories that speak to the search for “next” as they witness it. Moreover, I have told each of our new project members that “Job One” is to think of the best ways for them to add to the intellectual capital of the project.

More NextSensors will soon be announced. This is an exciting new development, and I am delighted to be a member of such a distinguished group of on-the-edge thinkers. Welcome, one and all!